Welcome to the Lumohacks 2017 application! Our goal is to bring motivated and interesting people from all kinds of backgrounds to the hackathon.

To ensure that our acceptance process is fair and transparent, we look at the applications based on all materials submitted. 

After sending your application, you will hear from us within 2 weeks about the status. Because there is a limited number of seats, you may be placed on the waitlist as well.

Please note that we look for hackers that are  students (any program, undergrad to research) or people who've graduated in the past year. If you don't fall within this, don't worry! Another way to get involved is to mentor or volunteer, or speak! Get in touch at contact@designlablive.com for more information.


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After submitting your registration, we will send you details about Lumohacks in the following month! If you are accepted, we will let you know as well.

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